If you rent, you need insurance


When most customers think of Renter Insurance they only think of coverage for Personal Property, such as clothing, furniture, electronics and sporting equipment. While it is true that this is an important part of your policy, it is not the only benefit of having Renter Insurance.

Less well known is that it covers Personal Liability in the case of an accident (*some exclusions, such as driving motorized vehicles, apply) and damage to property (for example, if you start a fire in your unit and damage adjacent units). The best thing about this coverage is that it applies at and away from the premise.

Another feature of the policy is coverage for Loss of Use. Imagine a smoke alarm going off in the middle of the night and you are out on the street with your neighbors unable to return while your unit burns. While this is a traumatic event, you can be assured that your renter policy will pay for a replacement home to live up to 12 months and assist with living expenses while your home is being rebuilt.

On top of all of this, Renter Insurance rates are very reasonable.  A typical policy is as follows:

  • Personal property  $30,000
  • Personal liability     $500,000
  • Loss of use               12 months

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