Summer is Coming

Crashed car

It’s a sad irony: Summer – the season teens love most – is also the most dangerous behind the wheel. Teen-driver accidents climb 16% between Memorial Day and Labor Day, compared with other days of the year.

And the culprit? It’s not phones!

It’s kids spending more time driving, especially with friends in the car.

That chatty buddy – loud, bouncing around – increases the risk of a fatal crash by 44%. Unlike a text that eventually stops pinging, there’s just no way to ignore that kid!

Talk with your teen about cutting car chaos, and set limits on driving with friends. Graduated licensing laws limit teen passengers during a new driver’s first year. But use them as the starting point for your own house rules. Check out our “Parent-teen driving agreement you both can live with” and all our teen driver resources.

Wishing you and your teen a safe and worry-free summer,

Source from: PEMCO news letter