What to do when you see flashing red lights on a school bus?

school bus
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Schools start soon.

I sometimes see drivers who pass a school bus when the school bus pops the stop sign. This is an violation of law.

In Washington – RCW 46.61.370.

Drivers MUST STOP when:

  • They’re behind the bus, traveling in the same direction, regardless of the number of lanes. Drivers can’t use the center turn lane to pass the bus.
  • They’re on a two-lane road, heading in the opposite direction of the bus.

Drivers DO NOT NEED TO STOP when:

  • They’re on a road with three or more lanes, heading in the opposite direction of the bus.
  • They’re on a divided highway, heading in the opposite direction of the bus. 

Do not get confused. This is kind of confusing because the law says highway, but it seems that definition of highway in the Washington sate law means all road. Definition is here. Do not violate the law and make students safe.

Source: PEMCO